The Glass Effect

Developers Union

I agree with @daveverwer’s take on Developer Union. I’ll go a little stronger though; the demand for free trials is based on what worked for indie dev shops, but it’s rooted in the past and it’s not something the modern Apple will respond positively to.

As Dave points out, free trials actually are an option now, and making a fuss over a variation of free trials feels shortsighted. Additionally, a demand without anything to back it up is toothless. How many of the 500+ apps on the list will actually leave if Apple doesn’t comply? Finally, the lack of big names on the list of signers. Where’s Panic? Where’s Omni? Where’s Marco Arment? Where’s John Gruber? These are banner-wavers for the indie community; this feels like it should be right in their wheelhouse, and they’re not putting their name to it. Why is that? Especially Omni, considering Brent’s involvement.

PS, that site is awful for searching for a specific name or company. Maybe by design; show a large grid of icons/avatars and don’t focus on individuals.

Anyway, I do understand the motivation, but I think the execution is critically flawed. Overall, the concept of grouping a large number of people with similar goals should show some results, but I don’t think they’re going about it the right way on this one. Maybe I’m wrong and this will work out. I actually hope it does, but I don’t expect it to. I’ll be paying attention though.