The Glass Effect

New Job, New Blog

I thought it would be nice to switch things up. Since most of my blog posts are pretty small anyway, I’ve switched over to hosting with Manton Reece’s service instead of my old self-hosted WordPress setup. It’ll be nice to have Manton worry about the maintenance and upgrades for me. I have imported the half dozen articles from the old site, so their content is still available.

Secondly, as of early February, I’ve taken a full time job at Breezy HR as their Mobile Architect. We have a great, popular and growing product and some awesome mobile apps, and it’s my job to make them even better.

So, now that I’m a full time developer again, I’ll probably be talking a little more development content and less business. That doesn’t mean I’ve changed my views about apps and business; in fact, Breezy is a great example of a company doing it right, and doing well because of it. But talking about my day to day development tasks and the issues that relate is going to be more forefront in my mind, so that’s what will get written down. I may also take the opportunity to talk more about personal stuff: My wife and kids, cars, boats, cooking, and whatever else strikes me. Maybe I can even get a blogging habit going.

Starbright, as a company, still exists. I won’t be doing any consulting work through it, but I do have some small side projects I’d like to ship one day, so keep an eye out for that.

As always, you can reach me on Twitter, @Skroob.