The Glass Effect

Annual Report

Well, it’s been almost a year. What have I been up to?

Starbright is now my full time concern. Starting out, I’ve been doing more “app building” than “app business building”, but that’s all right for now. I firmly believe that building app businesses is the way forward for my industry, and I’ll carry that banner as far as I can.

I think at this point, almost everyone with a smartphone has had an idea for an app. Most will talk about it with their friends, and leave it at that. Some will seek out a developer and see what it takes to turn their idea into a reality. Too many of those developers will quote a price to build and release the app, and that’s the end of it for them. They’re hired guns; there to do a job and move on to the next.

I understand the mindset. I lived it for years when I ran my previous company, Pocket Sevens. These days, though, just having an app isn’t enough. The novelty is gone for consumers, and unless you get extremely lucky, you won’t even make enough to cover the cost of that hired gun developer.

Change your mindset. Build an app business instead. Don’t think that it’s easier my way; it is absolutely harder in so many ways. But it also has the distinct advantage of being far more likely to succeed. Your app idea is the start, but you need to refine it, build on it, refine it again, expand and reduce and rethink and reconsider every assumption you’re making and the ones you don’t even realize you’re making as well.

You can make a living in this industry. If you want help, I’m here. My job, my goal, my passion, is helping people build their app, build their business, and build their success.