The Glass Effect

Trimming Sails

I think that intentionality is the most important factor in actually accomplishing anything in life. I  have been trying to pay attention to how I do things lately, and I have noticed that when I sit back, relax, and let things go on their own, nothing happens. When I’m intentional, taking deliberate steps to accomplish a goal, any goal, including writing blog posts, that’s when things happen.

It reminds me of sailing. With your hand on the tiller, your sails trimmed, that’s when you get where you’re going. Sometimes slowly, but you’ll get there. If you don’t pay attention, you let the wind and currents take you where they go, and chances are it’s not where you want to be.

Too much, I’m letting the wind and currents take me. I’m not moving as fast as I want to, so I let frustration hold the tiller. But intentionality will get me there, and my favorite part of sailing has always been the relaxing journey. So this is my reminder to myself to keep control and stay on course. Not only will I get to my port of call, but I’ll probably have a pretty nice tan.